Korg Mono/Poly


Korg Mono/Poly

This synthesizer is a beast back from the 80. It has an amazing analog sound and huge capabilities when it comes to sound creation. I was mainly amazed  by its very detailed and advanced arpeggiator mode that offers tons of different possibilities. Something really unique back then for sure. The filters also are amazing. I never heart something so aggressive before !

The truth is that I would like to recommend this machine for all kinds of sounds except pads as the sound was to harsh for this kind of sound types (no Sine wave produced by the OSC). Perfect for strong basses, leads, FX and all kinds of "strong" sounds.

Also one if the highlight of this synthesizer are the numerous knobs and buttons that offers so many real type manipulation to the sound. This fact makes this machine perfect for jamming or even live performances ! Also many effects and sync tricks offered onboard !

A truly amazing synthesizer, very different from anything else you even had !


Detailed Features

  • Polyphony - 4 Voices
  • Oscillators - 4 VCO's: triangle / sawtooth / PWM
  • LFO - 2 LFO's w/ individual rates
  • Filter - VCF, VCF ADSR
  • VCA - ADSR Env
  • Keyboard - 44 keys
  • Arpeg/Seq - YES (very advanced)
  • Control - CV/GATE and CV Filter
  • Effects - Chord Memory, VCO sync / modulation
  • Date Produced - 1981


Overall Rating: 8/10




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