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Roland VP-330 Vocoder


The VP-330 is one of the best vocoders ever created and even today so many ears after this model was firstly released is still in the top list within studios all around the world. The sound that this machine can create are unlimited as it uses an external sound as an input source. So you will never run out of sound ideas as you can always give new sounds to this monster ! This unique machine features a 10-band vocoder system that allow you to create the very famous robot like voice effects

The VP-330 except from the vocoder itself contains also a a string synthesizer, a choir and a human-voice sound section. This sounds are considered true diamonds specially the strings (one of the best strings you ever heart) as they are so deep !

The sound sections can be slightly manipulated (detuned and vibrato) but no much sound tweaking here.

In my opinion the highlight of this synthesizer/ vocoder is the 18 different analog filter that this machine has ! Never seen so many filters on an analog synth !

This machine is amazing already !


Technical Specifications

  • Oscillators - 3 VCO's
  • Effects - Chorus
  • LFO - Vibrato w/ depth, delay and rate
  • VCA - separate Mix Levels for Vocoder, String and Voice sections; 20 envelope followers
  • Filter - 18 VCFs: 54db/oct bandpass; 1 VCF: 54db/oct lowpass and highpass filters; 20 VCFs: 18db/oct lowpass filters w/ dynamic range of 60db
  • Keyboard - 49 Keys
  • Control - CV/Gate
  • Date Produced - 1979



Overall Rating: 9/10