Sequential Circuits TOM

Sequential Circuits TOM


This is an amazing drum machine from the legendary company of Sequential Circuits. In the days that was firstly made (18985) was a state of the art machine with really advanced features. Its similar to the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks but much more advanced. The TOM features 8 drum sounds but is expandable by using EPROM cartridges that each one of the adds 8 more sounds (named special effects, latin percussion and contemporary). Even if the sounds are pretty simple the ability of changing their tuning, panning, volume, reverse and layering possibilities (on each sound individually)  can drive you to make amazing sounds. Also the MIDI capabilities are very advanced letting you to control all these advanced features.

The TOM's sequencer is also very strong allowing you to record rhythm patterns in real time or step time mode. It can store up to 2.300 notes but available upgrades are allowing nowadays to store up to 10.000 notes. The sequencer also features some very nice fill function as well as down-beat change function, making it even more interesting giving a human touch to the sounds.


Technical Features 

  • Polyphony - 4 sounds
  • Sounds - 8 - kick, snare, toms 1&2, open / closed hat, clap, crash
  • Sequencer - 99 patterns, 2,300 notes (expandable to 5,000 or 10,000 via factory updates).
  • Keyboard - 8 Buttons
  • Effects - Individual instrument tuning, panning, volume
  • Control - MIDI, Clock in/out
  • Date Produced - 1985


Overall Function: 7.5/10



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