Wem Copicat IC-400








Wem Copicat IC-400


Wem Copicat IC-400 is an amazing analog tape delay back from the 70's made by the legendary Watkins Company.

The IC-400 is one of the most advanced models the company ever created and is generally hard to find. This model also features a "vari-speed" mechanism that can change the looping speed - - - perfect for creating dozens of different amazing echoes !  The speed of the tape looping can go for very slow to an amazingly high speed ! You can also create a self oscillation sound for crazy echo effects.   

I was really impressed to see how many differences and flexibility offer this model in comparison with the older WEM Copicat models, so know I can highly recommend to anybody to get of this amazing tape delays if he has the chance.

With just a few worlds a truly piece of history with very advanced features.


Overall Rating 7.5/10



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