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Copicat Super IC-300


Copicat Super IC-300 is an amazing vintage tape delay from the legendary Watkins Company.  

This specific model is an advanced version of the classic Mk IV Copicat but it’s lighter and better quality. This device features 4 reply heads and also a combined erase/record head. It has 4 input channels that can handle at the same time!

This model is not so advanced as other WEM Copicat models but is for sure one of the most known and used ones !

The condition of this item is very good as it has been fully restored by us. We cleaned the device internally and tested if everything is functional. Then we changed the leather covering the outer box as the many years of use have caused ugly scratches on the previous cover.

Another amazing vintage machine that is being fully restored and sold to our customers!


Overall Rating: 7/10




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