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E-mu Drumulator



E-mu Drumulator


Selling here an E-mu Drumulator vintage drum machine from the 80's in very good condition. The drum machine is superb condition except from some light scratches on the surface (very small and few ones). The machine sounds amazing and was professionally cleaned and tested.

The Drumulator is a drum machine that contains 12-drums sounds digitally recorded that have a 12-bit lo-fi character perfect for all these who love the old school drum sounds. It also features very advanced sequencing capabilities as it was designed for live tweaking in real time. It can be programmed in 'Step mode' or 'Edit mode' offering even more sequencing  features. It was even build to support editing and sequencing visually through computer interface ! ! !

The Drumulator may record up to 36 individual rhythms patters that can used it create up to 8 songs !

It also have the possibility to record up to 4 drum sounds simultaneously, alter the dynamic of each drum and vary the overall mix of the drum sounds. Using this machine you can virtually create any time signature you want and even change the tempo in the middle of a song. I think this machine was a really advanced drum machine for its age featuring individual output for every sound giving in this way even more diversity to the variation of the sounds.

A real amazing instrument and a piece of music history.


The drum machine comes also with:

- Original Manual

- Drum Modification with offciall instructions from E-MU company

- 110 volt works perfect with a 110v to 220v converter (included if needed)


Technical Specification

  • Polyphony - 12 voices
  • Drums - 12 ROM Samples
  • Patterns - 36
  • Songs - 8
  • Keyboard - 4 Touch Pads
  • Memory - 8 user
  • Date Produced - 1983


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