The Arp Pro DGX is a small incredible legend back from the 70' made by the legendary synthesizer company Arp. For sure this synthesizer was one of the most advanced preset monophonic synthesizers of its time. The Pro/DGX was equipped with touch buttons, switching  among preset sounds.

It is important to mention that the Arp Pro/DGX is also a member of the Pro-Soloist family and there are quite a few similarities between this two models. Is also of great importance to mention that the two version of Arp Pro/DGX (Mk1 and Mk2) have a lot differences. 

Based on my knowledge the Arp Pro/DGX Mk1 is the same as the Arp Pro Soloist and they sound identical. Some major changes were done when the Mk2 version was released. In my opinion the Mk2 version has a superior quality and is very much different from the Mk1 version (featuring also the new orange look). Although both synth version of the Arp are amazing and they have their own character.

Both models have more or less  the same architecture including a 30 preset sound library with various different sounds like Fuzz Guitar, Brass, Bassoon, Flute etc. all of high quality, even for todays standards ! The synthesizer has 37 keys featuring aftertouch for controlling the volume, vibrato, brilliance settings, growl, wow and bend effects and can manipulate all these at the same time if desired.

The synthesizer also features nice LFO, filtering section and envelope too, that can be used to tweak the preset sounds. The drawback is that there is no storage of settings (not many synths had this capability in the 70') for saving your tweaked settings.

Overall an amazing old school preset synthesizer being a part of the first synthesizer history.


The Arp Pro DGX was used by: Genesis, Tangerine Dream, Keane, Kansas


Overall Rating: 7/10



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