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Here you can find a selection of new and used high quality tape reels and cartridges. All our products are guaranteed to work and in very good condition (the used ones) ! Don't miss a change to buy this rare and high demanding products that can store your recordings in the highest analog quality.

The tapes are perfect for high quality endless loop construction too (read our tutorial here).

We also sell professional rare Tape Splicers that are necessary if you want to split your magnetic tapes !







Brand Model Time Length Tape Width Reel Size Num. Sides Price Condition
BASF LGR-50     1/4" 10.2" 1 side 70 euros New
Maxell UD 25-120 120 min   1/4" 7" 2 sides 22 euros New
BASF ferro LH HIFI DP26 120 min 732m 1/4" 7" 2 sides 20 euros New
BASF ferro LH HIFI LP35 90 min 549m 1/4" 7" 1 side 16 euros New
BASF LH proffesional DPR 26   640m 1/4" 7" 2 sides 6.5 euros Used
SONY SLH-7-550-BL   550m 1/4" 7" 1 side 5 euros Used



Scotch 8-Track Cartridge 90 min        
20 euros


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