Roland TR-707



Roland TR-707


The Roland TR-707 is a very nice and unique vintage drum machine. This music instrument basically tries to reproduce the sounds of the very popular Roland TR-909 (analog sounds).

Many people have different opinions about the quality of the sampled drum sounds that the TR-707 contains ( 15 sampled sounds (kick1, kick2, snare1, snare2, low tom, mid tom, high tom, rim shot, cow bell, hand clap, tambourine, open/closed high hat, crash/ride cymbals).

In my opinion the sounds are pretty basic and not so interesting but in the other hand the TR-707 is a very powerful machine with expanded capabilities. Some of this features are Matrix display that clearly saw's the drum pattern, the individual tone outputs and the amazing DIN sync control + MIDI ! ! !

So even if the TR-707 sounds a little boring sometimes, you can use it to sequence other musical devices as the drum programming with it is a real pleasure !


Technical Features


Overall Rating: 7/10