Novation Super Bass Station


Novation Super Bass Station


This synthesizer is the advanced rack version of the Novation Bass Station a small but very flexible synthesizer. It features some very cool features and it can creates some TB-303 bass like sounds.

The sound within Bass Station is created by two VCO oscillators (fat sound) and has some very advanced features so you can tweak the sounds !

The filter mode is also very interesting (VCF filter) and features a ADSR mode and can by connected to an LFO !

It is an analog synth with a modern concept as it uses midi but also works as a midi/cv converter. In this way you can use the Bass Station to control other old equipment through midi even if they only have cv/gate inputs !

For sure a very interesting piece of equipment to have. Also good value for money !


Technical Specification


Overall Rating: 7/10